Fire Alarm Dealer Checklist for System Surge Protection

7 Fire Alarm

Professional Fire Alarm Dealers protect their customers’ property, staff, and businesses by installing high-quality alarm systems – and those alarm systems also need protection. Here is a list to help make sure that alarm systems are protected from damaging electrical surges so that they can continue to provide coverage as needed and intended.

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How to know when to replace a surge protector

DTK TSS1 open populated

Protection against transient surges is only as good as the quality of the surge protector. Even if an electrical grid never experiences a massive transient surge, the hundreds of daily surges slowly deteriorate the surge device. It’s important to remember that these devices need to be replaced because faulty SPDs can create as many issues as not having a device installed at all. At DITEK, there are both AC Power Products and Low Voltage Products that have indicators built in that show if they’re ready for replacement. Some also have an alarm that sounds when it’s time to replace, but more often than not, a dedicated person needs to visually inspect each device.

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Protecting your IP surveillance system with proper surge protection

IP Cameras

Today’s highly intelligent IP networked surveillance systems are the new eyes and ears of business, working 24/7 to monitor activity both inside and outside of a facility. They continue to trend as an important business tool beyond traditional security applications for numerous reasons, including their ability to amass massive amounts of data for advanced analytics affecting general business applications. 

The proliferation of imaging devices such as multi-sensor panoramic cameras with analytics on the edge such as motion detection, object left behind and more, effectively allow fewer cameras to be deployed with much higher quality video versus previous imaging technologies. With more system functionality moving to the camera level, it becomes increasingly more important that every camera has sufficient protection from power surges, as a single failure can impact overall surveillance coverage.

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The benefits of surge protection for security systems

Lightning Blog Post

Security systems are one of the most important and expensive investments a company can make, so prolonging the life of your system is crucial to the success and longevity of your organization’s security program. Despite the widespread belief that systems are only at risk for a power surge during lightning storms, surges happen far more frequently than storms do. The truth is that your business might be subjected to dozens, or even hundreds of power surges each day, depending on a range of factors. To ensure that these surges don’t have a detrimental impact on your security system, it’s important to properly protect yourself with surge protection systems.

Power surges can directly affect the operation of security systems in at least three ways, by causing:

  1. equipment failure
  2. loss of data
  3. system downtime
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Tips for protecting security products during inclement weather

Inclement weather protection

Natural disasters and inclement weather can destroy your entire security system if you aren’t properly prepared. Cameras themselves are vulnerable to lightning damage, as the camera body, metal casing and attached electronics are made from conductive materials. Wind and precipitation present other potential threats if the camera is not waterproof.  It is also vulnerable to being hit by flying objects, downed trees, or extreme temperatures. Here are some tips for protecting your security devices during these unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable weather events.

Tip One: Remove potentially hazardous tree branches and anything else that could fall on equipment

Though it seems to be an unrelated topic, tree maintenance is an important part of the overall protection of your surveillance system. High winds, heavy snowfalls and other inclement weather can cause trees or branches to fall and knock into your outdoor devices, posing a threat to the operation of the system. There is also the possibility that unhealthy or weakened trees can fall more easily and hit power lines, resulting in surges, explosions or complete loss of power.

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Cost of a Power Surge

Cost of a Power Surge

A common misconception about power surges is that devices are only at risk during extreme weather, but power surges can happen at any time without warning. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, lightning strikes account for just two percent of all surge protection damage. That means that 98 percent of the damage is done by the hundreds of power surges that are mostly unnoticed every day.

These surges could be the result of something as simple as your air conditioner cycling on or off. They could also be caused by something much farther away - for example, when electrical power plants are connected or disconnected from the grid, which happens frequently as power needs change during the course of a day. Whether caused by internal or external factors, power surges are not something to be taken lightly.

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A Power Strip is not always a Surge Protector - Here's Why

DTK 8FF blog2 

Imagine you are the manager for a large office building and want to replace your outdated lock-and-key system with a new access control system.

You have done the research and found the perfect keyless system that will protect the external entrances, elevators and individual offices. You have a company come in and set the system up, and within a few hours, the system is active and functioning properly.

Two days later a lightning strike triggers a power surge that damages your system, rendering it useless. No one can enter the building and those who are already inside cannot use the elevators or enter their offices. Bypassing the building’s security system gets everyone back to business, but also introduces a major security risk.

You spent thousands of dollars on a system that was supposed to improve security, yet you are now dealing with angry tenants, an unsecured facility and a tremendous repair expense. How did this happen?

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A minimal investment could save your company thousands.

The best way to protect your business from lightning is to install surge protection on all vulnerable devices and the electrical data paths between them. For example, install AC power and data circuit protection for each dispenser. Next, install protection on the controlling devices inside your stores, such as distribution boxes and pump controllers. Finally, add surge protection to your point of sale equipment and all of its data paths. As a rule, always install AC power and low voltage surge protection on all devices that are interconnected.

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4 things you should know about protecting your devices from power surges

1 Protecting Your Devices


Industries invest thousands of dollars annually in the latest technology and electronics. Yet without one element which is often overlooked, the entire investment can be damaged or destroyed in just seconds. Although prevention is both easy and inexpensive, many people don’t realize they need protection from power surges until it’s too late.


Here are four things you need to know about surge protectors that may help you think more proactively when installing new technology.

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