Digital Video Surveillance Protection

DITEK's IP video surge protectors are Gigabit Ethernet devices designed to protect digital video surveillance systems that transmit over various types of cabling.

IP Video Surveillance Surge Protection Guide Download

The DTK-MRJPOE is a 10GbE PoE surge protector that is PoE Plus and High PoE ready and is typically installed near an IP camera or wireless access point.

The DTK-POC provides power, video and data surge protection for Ethernet and PoE extenders over coax and is PoE Plus and high PoE ready for high-wattage applications.

The DTK-PVPIP is a Gigabit Ethernet surge protector that is PoE Plus and High PoE ready. Includes additional terminations to protect power and accessory device.

Replacement Surge Module for RM16POC

The 12-channel DTK-RM12POE is a 10GbE rackmount surge protector for PoE head-end equipment, such as PoE switches and injectors.