Safeguard Rental Property Income with Surge Protection

Property Management BlogFor residential property managers, there are only a few vital factors: rent to quiet, reliable tenants, collect the rent on time, and control expenses – particularly large, unexpected expenses. One large, unexpected expense that has caught many property managers off guard is the result of an electrical surge event, and the subsequent need to not only replace the fire alarm panel (the panel and wire may be covered by insurance, but the replacement labor often isn’t), but to also pay for a costly fire watch until the parts can be procured, installed, and re-inspected by fire marshals.

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Why Do I Need to Buy a Replacement Surge Protector?

Replacement Surge ProtectorsSurge protectors serve one of the most important defensive functions for the many electrical and electronic systems that you use to help run your business. In the event of a damaging spike in power, whether from a lightning strike or a more common power surge, your surge protector will ensure that the surge does not reach your devices and damage or destroy them. As a vital part of their useful life, one of the responsibilities of surge protectors is to absorb a sudden rush of electrical power – even if it causes them to be severely damaged or go end of life. This is how they shield your more important business and security systems, and enable them to continue running without costly interruptions. In the event that a surge protector goes end of life, it will need to be replaced.

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Protecting your IP surveillance system with proper surge protection

IP CamerasToday’s highly intelligent IP networked surveillance systems are the new eyes and ears of business, working 24/7 to monitor activity both inside and outside of a facility. They continue to trend as an important business tool beyond traditional security applications for numerous reasons, including their ability to amass massive amounts of data for advanced analytics affecting general business applications.

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