Why Automatic Transfer Switches Need Surge Protection

2021 06 ROI 320The benefits of a backup power generator cannot be overstated. When it comes to keeping your family comfortable at home or maintaining normal business operations, you can count on a backup generator to mitigate the negative effects of an unexpected power outage. While you may think that the purchase and installation of a standby power generator automatically ensures power restoration in the case of a blackout, you may be missing one key piece of equipment – an automatic transfer switch.

In this blog we will cover what an automatic transfer switch is, why it is important, why you should protect it, and how to effectively do so.


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DITEK's New "Mix and Match" Versa-Module Surge Protection System

DTK VM2 Series Populated HousingsElectronic devices of all shapes and sizes require surge protection. However, placing multiple devices throughout a complex electrical system—such as a fire alarm or surveillance system—can make a complicated, messy installation.

To keep installations more efficient, DITEK has released the new Versa-Module 2 series surge protection system. Designed like the NETS series, the DTK-VM2 series enclosures offer greater capacity and a myriad of module combinations.

 Customizable surge protection
Representing the ultimate "build-your-own," customizable solution, the DTK-VM2 series makes surge protection easier for critical installations such as 24V Power over Ethernet systems, fueling equipment, point-of-sale devices, 4-20mA current loops, low voltage power circuits and RS485 data circuits.

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It's Connected, But Is It Protected?

Network ConnectionsOpinions about the products offered in retail establish two of the most exciting trends in the Security industry today: the growing integration of multiple systems to create greater awareness and value, and the quickly increasing range of connected devices that provide inputs to those systems. These developments represent a huge change in the accuracy and capabilities of our systems, and are supported by a wide range of technologies including wireless networking, new and improved smaller sensors of all kinds, the evolution of software analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

While we welcome all of these great new capabilities and the benefits they provide, we should also remember that they all rely upon sensitive electronic circuits. Thus, as we increase our dependence on these systems, we also need to implement backups and protection to help ensure that they are working when they are needed most. The trend for increased networking and connectivity must also bring about a trend for increased power and network protection.

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