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The Importance of Clean AC Power for Sensitive Electronics

High-Fidelity Theater RoomHome theaters, office equipment and high-fidelity audio systems deserve extra attention to help protect them from unwanted electrical surges and spikes, and to provide them with the cleanest and purest possible electrical power.

The Clean Power Challenge

Both premium residences and all manner of commercial facilities are subjected to the same daily onslaught of power disturbances. These disturbances can come from a wide variety of external sources, including lightning strikes, utility grid switching, and nearby activities such as welding. Internal sources of disturbances can also be just as damaging. Sensitive electronic systems are subject to the cumulative effects of these disturbances that normally pass by unnoticed by building occupants. 

Another supplied power concern arises from the presence of higher frequency noise carried by power wiring and transmitted into the power input area of sensitive electronics. These higher frequencies are referred to as EMI, or Electro-Magnetic Interference, or alternatively as RFI, or Radio Frequency Interference. EMI/RFI can also come from many sources, including switched mode power supplies common in lower-cost electronic devices, and can be transmitted through the power lines to reach other, more sensitive devices.

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