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Ten Ways Power Surges Mean Disaster for Convenience Stores

Convenience StoreConvenience store operators have long sought to create a frictionless customer experience. Fine-tuning the shopping experience to make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable makes for satisfied customers and keeps them coming back. To that end, today’s c-store operators are adding more and more food options, bigger refrigerators, more pumps and other options for customers.

Technology has played a key role in creating positive encounters with customers. For this reason, more and more c-store operators are making big investments to create a great retail environment that drives business and delivers a top-notch experience. This can be quite expensive. A c-store operator could spend tens of thousands of dollars adding new functionality and upgrading existing systems, chasing the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and repeat business. Surprisingly though, many operators miss a vital, yet inexpensive step when installing new equipment – surge protection.

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Ensuring Up-time for Critical Electronic Systems

Protection from Power OutagesAs a professional in the security, life safety or AV installation channel, you know that your reputation depends on satisfied customers. When systems are unreliable, or experience downtime, it doesn’t matter what the cause – your customers look to you for answers, and for relief.

Savvy system designers and installers know that power surges have a damaging effect on sensitive electronic systems.  Not only are security systems at risk, POS and lottery terminals, fuel pumps, access control and smart home systems, among many others, can also be compromised. To prevent these systems from surge-related damage and shortened service lives, they routinely include surge protection and make sure their customers understand the critical value of these devices.

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Surge Protection Grounding and Installation Best Practices

less than 5 ohmsFor proper operation, install all Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) per the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer. Improperly installed devices will not perform as intended and consequently, will not protect the equipment. 

The conductor length between the SPD and the protected equipment should be a minimum of three feet in length to allow enough time for it to react. The conductors can be greater than 3 feet as long as they are isolated and are not subjected, or directly exposed to internally or externally-generated, transient voltage spikes and/or surges.

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Convenience Stores Benefit from Surge Protection with Audible Notification

Conveniece Store BenefitsYou would never come to work one day and start telling all your customers to go buy their coffee somewhere else. You would never just turn off your lottery machines and stop selling tickets for any reason. You rely on these systems to drive your revenue.

Convenience stores, truck stops, and similar businesses depend on many electrical and electronic devices, including video surveillance and security, AC power devices, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, lottery terminals, pay-at-pump machinery, and more. These devices are all at risk of damage caused by electrical surges – not only from the large, noticeable surges, but also from the many smaller surges that normally pass by unnoticed. Large surges caused by nearby lightning strikes and other dramatic events are an obvious hazard, but even the smaller daily surges have a cumulative damaging effect that can decrease device reliability and shorten equipment life. This is a particular concern for convenience store operations because electrical devices are usually installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Understanding PoE and PoE Extender Needs

DTK-MRJEXTSThe information age has led to an astonishing number of innovations, including the Internet of Things — a growing trend affecting the day-to-day operations of a multitude of systems including surveillance, security and even systems like refrigeration and telephones. However, the growing trend of IoT devices means a concurrent growth in devices utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. While PoE generally provides simpler and more cost-effective installations for networked system devices, it also has downsides. Namely, that a more connected system means more threat from damaging power surges.

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