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DITEK Features Latest Advancements in Surge Protection Technology at ISC West 2022

ISCW Press Release

March 23 - 25, 2022   ♦   Sands Convention Center   ♦   Las Vegas, NV

DITEK is featuring state-of-the art technology at ISC West 2022, March 23-25 in Las Vegas. DITEK solutions protect critical electrical systems—from fire alarms to video surveillance—by safely diverting excess voltage to ground, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. DITEK’s wide range of solutions provide system designers, engineers, and installers peace of mind that equipment will remain safe from the devastating effects of power surges and spikes.

"Surge protection is the most reliable—and affordable way—to safeguard electronic equipment," said Jason Klein, Director of Sales, DITEK. "You can easily avoid the heavy losses and potential injuries caused when security cameras, fire alarms, or other critical electronic systems go down due to a power surge. Our solutions keep these systems in operation at all times, at a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing equipment. They are your first line of defense against power surges and spikes caused by lightning or other sources."

Total Surge Solution for Fire Alarm Systems – DITEK's DTK-120X12 combines protection for 120V system power—with protection for up to 12 low voltage circuits. This eliminates unnecessary damage caused by power surges and spikes. This unique and compact combination simplifies the implementation of comprehensive surge protection for fire alarm systems, while also providing remote monitoring of surge protection status using dry contacts. The convenient, modular plug-in design simplifies the installation of surge protection modules and allows for easy replacement, when needed. This combination of complete system protection, along with high-quality construction and field-replaceable modules, makes this new solution perfect for protecting fire alarm systems and control panels.

Expanded Versa-Module, Low Voltage Surge Protection – DITEK’s new modular surge protection system offers tailored, multi-voltage protection for all varieties of low-voltage electronic systems. The DTK-VM2 enclosures feature 4, 8, and 24-channel options that accept a wide array of rapid-replacement modules designed to protect any combination of signaling, data, and low voltage power circuits, from 5V up to 130V. Each enclosure in this series accepts any combination of modules equipped with either RJ45 or screw terminal connections, and also features single-point grounding for simple and fast installation and service. This unique and compact solution simplifies the implementation of comprehensive surge protection for all kinds of critical electronic systems, including surveillance, access control, fire, fuel dispensing, Point-of-Sale, communications, industrial controls, audio, and more. The versatility of the new DTK-VM2 series enables installers to provide the best electrical surge protection for every part of a system.

UPS Products – DITEK's uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with online double conversion technology enables equipment to withstand the harshest power quality conditions, including surges, spikes, brownouts, and total power loss. This compact and economical UPS series is available in 1kVA - 3kVA models, and offers rack or tower configurations. They also feature USB and Ethernet interfaces, as well as an intuitive LCD display. DITEK’s UPS products provide cost-effective and reliable performance for network servers, back-office computers, point-of-sale devices, and similar mission-critical equipment.

Network Switches, Injectors and Extenders – In addition to DITEK's surge protection division, DITEK Networks supplies IT professionals and security integrators with advanced networking hardware— including PoE+ network switches, extenders, and injectors—as well as Gigabit PoE+ industrial network switches designed for harsh industrial environments. Each switch can use existing network cables and features Green Ethernet power-saving technology that deactivates unused ports and adjusts power levels. This new line offers IT professionals and security integrators a new choice for cost-efficient, easy-to-install powered networks.

For more information, please visit us at booth# 8058 in Las Vegas, or visit online at

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