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DITEK's New Kool Guard Voltage Monitoring System Gave "Peace of Mind" to This Tampa Family

DTK KG2 Voltage Monitoring System

“I recently replaced my air conditioning system with a high SEER inverter system. Considering how much more advanced my new system is compared to the old one I wanted to protect my investment. Knowing my area is prone to lighting strikes and power irregularities I hired a licensed contractor to install the DTK-KG2 voltage monitor and surge protector on my system.

That same day, we had a typical afternoon storm for hurricane season, certainly not what I would consider a bad storm at all. However, there was a lightning strike in my neighborhood across the street from me. My Koolguard seen the voltage irregularity and or took the surge and protected my equipment. I went outside to see that the LEDs were flashing green indicating that the condition had returned to normal and power would be restored to my system shortly.

My system started up and has worked flawlessly in the weeks since. I could not have imagined being without heating or cooling and waiting for parts to come in on the first day of installation, had a circuit board or motor been damaged. The KG2 has been such a small investment for a large peace of mind, my family agrees. “  - James B.   Tampa Bay, Florida

Learn more about the DTK-KG2.

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