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DITEK's New "Mix and Match" Versa-Module Surge Protection System

DTK VM2 Series Populated HousingsElectronic devices of all shapes and sizes require surge protection. However, placing multiple devices throughout a complex electrical system—such as a fire alarm or surveillance system—can make a complicated, messy installation.

To keep installations more efficient, DITEK has released the new Versa-Module 2 series surge protection system. Designed like the NETS series, the DTK-VM2 series enclosures offer greater capacity and a myriad of module combinations.

 Customizable surge protection
Representing the ultimate "build-your-own," customizable solution, the DTK-VM2 series makes surge protection easier for critical installations such as 24V Power over Ethernet systems, fueling equipment, point-of-sale devices, 4-20mA current loops, low voltage power circuits and RS485 data circuits.


Every installation that includes low voltage signaling, data, or power can be protected with a mix of rapid-replaceable modular devices that match the specific needs of that system – with a single point ground connection that makes installation a breeze. The VM2 series offers 4, 8, and 24-channel enclosures, and can accept an array of rapid-replacement modules from 5V up to 130V. Modules feature a choice of RJ45 connections or screw terminal connections for efficient installation.

As an added flexibility benefit, the VM2 series enclosures accept the DTK-NETMS and DTK-EXTMS protection modules for Ethernet, PoE and PoE extender circuits if desired; and all protection modules carry a robust 20,000A surge current rating. Essentially, the sky's the limit regarding the configurations and options the VM2/VM2T replacement modules provide.

Centralized surge protection
Surge protectors are tailored for specific purposes based on a number of factors. These include the voltage of the main source of power, the type of connecting devices the system requires, and how sensitive equipment is overall.

In effect, each piece of equipment has an ideal surge protector based on its voltage requirements, connection method and physical location. Think of the intricate electronics that comprise a video surveillance, access control, or burglar alarm system. All these devices can require different voltage levels to function. Plus, it makes a difference whether a device is located within an interior setting or exterior location, where it can be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The beauty of the VM2 Series solution is providing surge protection for all devices within a system from one convenient central location. The hybrid design of the VM2/VM2T protection modules utilize SAD and GDT technologies. The VM2 modules are RJ45 female In/Out, while the VM2T modules feature a 2-pair terminal block In/Out.

Once installers have determined the level of surge protection required, they can select their modules, and can then assemble them in any order they wish within the VM2 enclosure of their choice. The result is much greater flexibility, ease of installation, and the modules can be easily swapped out and replaced in the future.

The DITEK DTK-VM2 Series allows for a convenient, efficient installation with enough choices to meet the needs of any project—making surge protection even more accessible. Learn more about the VM2 series in on our product page.

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