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Ensuring Up-time for Critical Electronic Systems

Protection from Power OutagesAs a professional in the security, life safety or AV installation channel, you know that your reputation depends on satisfied customers. When systems are unreliable, or experience downtime, it doesn’t matter what the cause – your customers look to you for answers, and for relief.

Savvy system designers and installers know that power surges have a damaging effect on sensitive electronic systems.  Not only are security systems at risk, POS and lottery terminals, fuel pumps, access control and smart home systems, among many others, can also be compromised. To prevent these systems from surge-related damage and shortened service lives, they routinely include surge protection and make sure their customers understand the critical value of these devices.


However, protecting systems from power surges may not be enough to ensure critical system uptime, because electrical surges are not the only common cause of malfunctions, lost data, and similar system downtime. The other most common cause of downtime is power outages.

Power outages can last for extensive periods, particularly if the cause is, for example, a fallen tree that has downed cables or utility poles. In many areas, shorter power outages are more common, lasting only a few seconds. In either case, systems can instantly become unusable, and may also lose data or become unstable without an orderly power-down process.

To ensure system operation that can bridge short outages, and provide for an orderly shutdown sequence in the case of longer outages, professional installers know that the solution is to provide a UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS system can ‘step in’ to provide enough power to continue uninterrupted operation through short outages, and provide enough time for an orderly shutdown if needed.

The question for professional installers is, what system to offer? Clearly, commercial customers don’t usually need a lot of bells and whistles for the backup function provided by the UPS – they want a no-nonsense solution that isn’t overpriced, and does the job.

The professional UPS solutions you choose should provide clean and stable power to connected equipment and come in a compact, cost-effective form factor for easy integration. Ideally, they should have an embedded microprocessor control to guarantee exceptional reliability, and make use of a built-in boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization.

When considering your UPS options, keep in mind that true professional or commercial-grade UPS models will only be available to end-users through authorized wholesalers – not through retailers that sell directly to users or over the internet. The manufacturer you choose should also provide ample technical support to help ensure your success.

Don’t get blamed for installing unreliable equipment, or for doing a less-than-professional job. Arm yourself with professional UPS solutions that will keep your customers’ installations running as they should.

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