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How Surge Protection Keeps Businesses Running

Stadium TechnologyNo matter the industry, electrical and electronic equipment plays a major role in the everyday ins and outs of maintaining business operations. Without power, security systems, refrigeration equipment, access control, point of sale, lighting systems, and other systems, simply can’t function. Expensive and essential equipment across every vertical market, from healthcare, to warehousing and sports and entertainment venues, is continually at risk due to unpredictable power surges. They can damage, degrade or destroy your systems, resulting in costly downtime and other financial losses, as well as compliance issues. Therefore, it’s key to implement these protective devices, and choose the right surge protection solutions that are best suited for your specific system requirements.


The use of advanced refrigeration technologies allow businesses to run vast warehouses, keeping large arrays of merchandise on hand. Modern refrigeration systems often maintain temperature to a tenth of a degree and run on networks to enable remote management and monitoring. With this advanced technology, many warehouses are able to operate with precision timing and deliver fresher goods over longer distances and periods of time. New networked refrigeration technology brings with it an added danger from surges. A surge that damages a refrigeration device may spoil all the goods within it as well as the device, necessitating its replacement and write-off of expensive goods. Installing proper surge protection at the primary power source for refrigeration systems, as well as any network cables that connect this equipment, can help keep devices functional.

Sports and entertainment venues are typically complex facilities, requiring multiple systems working in tandem to stage concerts, sporting events, conventions and other events. A power surge can be devastating to the functionality of a large event venue, shutting down the point-of-sale, ticketing, lighting, security and other systems required to keep events up and running. A venue may have diverse needs on different days—keeping a hockey rink frozen one day and operating complex pyrotechnics and lighting displays the next. Most surges in a stadium environment are internally generated, usually caused by power surges from systems with high operating current demands. The power onrush from large surges across smaller systems and devices, such as POS machines or surveillance cameras, can literally fry them causing devastating damage. Surge protection solutions can protect all essential devices with a relatively small investment versus potential maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

Modern medicine has relied on technology to dramatically improve patient care. Much of what keeps patients alive and healthy in modern hospitals is power-dependent, from monitors to life-sustaining respirators and dialysis systems. However, power systems running non-medical specific systems such as video surveillance and access control should also be protected from power surges. Video surveillance cameras going offline due to a surge could result in security personnel missing footage of unauthorized or unruly visitors, while access control systems protecting newborns in the nursery could allow unauthorized access from overzealous family members or individuals with bad intent. Protecting essential electronic systems with surge protection is a proven way to ensure consistent operation and their prolonged health.

Every organization in every vertical market needs to consider the damage that may be inflicted on critical electronic systems from otherwise undetected and unpredictable power surges. Even small power surges can deteriorate sensitive circuitry over an extended period of time. Yet the cost to implement surge protection is minimal compared to the cost of replacing systems or devices and the downtime associated with system outages. Make surge protection part of your system operations plan. It’s an investment that more than pays for itself, it’s an investment in sustaining daily business operations.

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