16 IP Checklist smAs an IP camera dealer, you work with clients who come to you for help in protecting their organizations. While you might recommend a networked video surveillance system integrated with other systems to provide a complete solution for your client, you would be remiss if you do not also advise them about surge protection. Every device that runs on power is susceptible to power surges and spikes, but networked devices like IP cameras are at an even greater risk as they are connected to other vulnerable devices as well. Surge events can damage or destroy expensive cameras, cause costly or hazardous downtime and increase risk by disabling your clients’ security measures.

This checklist will help your clients understand the need to deploy proper surge protection for their new or upgraded IP surveillance systems:

Surge events that can damage expensive and essential IP cameras are a major consideration when deploying a networked surveillance system. Using this checklist to determine the surge protection necessary for every installation can help you help your client to protect their essential security equipment.