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Learn How DITEK Helps Keep This Customer Happy

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“I have been using DITEK surge suppression for over 20 years and have not had an issue with them when they were installed per the specifications and here is why: Our first installation using DITEK was a school that had an external temporary building connected to the main fire alarm system. A direct strike on the external building was strong enough that the horn/strobe AV device exploded and was in pieces across the room. Anything in the building that was connected to power was damaged, televisions, HVAC equipment, computers, even the lighting. The main fire alarm system was in trouble showing troubles on the external building but all components in the main building were operating normally. The box inside the building where the surge protection was located was covered internally in soot and when opened showed one surge protector was dirty but looked normal, the other that had been on the AV circuit had been completely destroyed with the only part being left were the terminal strips and the back of the device still mounted to the box. With a few new devices and a little wiring, the system was returned to normal. It is without a doubt that the DITEK protection had provided the service we were looking for and from that day forward has been the ONLY surge protection I have used across 4 different companies.

I have used DITEK products in many applications over the years, including to gain accounts where others used suppression devices that failed in the installed application. The DITEK products have not faltered.”

Kip Brandel – Protegis Fire & Safety, Bowling Green, KY

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