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Tips for Deciding Between Non-Modular and Modular Surge Protectors

12 electrician smallWhen protecting your critical devices from power surges, choosing the correct surge protector is the first step. It’s important to consider surge protection as a preventative measure, preserving the functionality of both your devices and the systems they run on. Downtime is costly for all systems, and a surge event can cause long-lasting downtime by damaging or destroying devices-- and networked devices can carry that surge through an entire system.

It’s therefore necessary to ensure that you choose the right surge protection for the system and devices that you’re trying to protect. Replacing an inexpensive surge protector as opposed to costly equipment is an easy choice to make to keep your systems up and running. Surge protection devices come in two connection styles: non-modular-- hard-wired into the system they are protecting-- and modular-- that can be replaced without needing to re-terminate the wiring.  Both styles provide similar surge protection for your system, but provide other benefits in regards to installation and replacement. Choosing the right device is essential to protecting your system.

Non-modular devices require hardwired installation, so replacement involves cutting wires and installing the surge protector back in its place. This style of surge protector is typically used in access control, or to protect fire alarms. They are highly cost effective and provide essential protection for your devices, but their installation may be time consuming and require some downtime on your system.

Modular devices are “plug-and-play” surge protection. Once a modular surge protector has been installed, there’s no further need to cut or disconnect wiring when the device needs to be replaced-- simply remove the device when it has been damaged by a surge and replace it with a functioning one. Modular devices can be slightly higher in initial cost, but save time and trouble when they are later replaced.

When deciding between a non-modular and a modular device, it is essential to look at the needs of your system and the devices you will be protecting.  For a crucial device that might need more surge protection over a longer period of time, a modular surge protector that can be easily replaced might be necessary.

Non-modular and modular surge protection devices are a single facet of ensuring that your systems stay online and functional during a surge event. Choosing the right surge protection will keep your systems operational and provide you with the functionality you require to maintain and grow your business.

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