DITEK Surge Protection is your First Line of Defense

Every day installers, integrators, engineers and electricians count on Ditek Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to safeguard their fire panels, video surveillance systems, network devices, burglar alarms, access control systems and AC power. When planning your next project, choose the trusted brand of professionals. 

DTK WM4NETS Perfection


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Latest Blog Posts

Jorge Andino
14 May 2019
State and local municipal governments are where the rubber meets the road in terms of public policy, basic education, court systems, transit and a wide range of protective services including fire departments, police, and social services. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of these activities in maintaining a functional and civil society; yet in many areas, municipal governments remain in an endless process of prioritizing and reprioritizing purchases and services to address their ...
Lisa Messinger
19 April 2019
Our increasingly connected economy, supported by a wide-ranging system of networked data and communications access, has had a broad impact on many elements of our personal and working lives. For example, remote offices can now remain tightly linked to headquarters, sharing IT resources and operating as if they were in the same building, even though they may actually be located thousands of miles apart. Credit card transactions are reviewed and approved in real time, reducing retail fraud and los...
Cheryl Derenthal
19 March 2019
Each day, millions of workers in office buildings around the world use a wide range of electronic equipment to perform their jobs, including laptops, desktop computers, phones, printers, alarm systems, scanners, projectors, and more.Technology has created many benefits for today’s businesses, including faster communication between devices, integrated usage and optimized operations. It allows us to accomplish everyday office functions efficiently and effectively, while keeping staff connected to ...
Rich Mitchell
14 February 2019
 No matter what kind of business you have, it almost certainly depends on electrical power. Every organization depends on lighting, computers and telephone systems.  Manufacturing and automation rely on electronic programming, sensors, motors, and controls. Design teams count on servers and workstations to run their modeling and layout software. Retail stores use purchasing, inventory management, and point-of-sale equipment and software. Because every one of these systems is connected ...

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