AC Power Industrial Protection

DITEK's industrial surge protectors safeguard AC power systems against transient surges in the most demanding environments. Available in a variety of voltage and wiring configurations.

DITEK's D50-CM surge protection device provides robust 120/240V Split Phase protection for small electrical panels, AC disconnects, irrigation equipment, and residential pumps and motors.

DITEK's DTK-120/240CM+ is a multi-purpose surge protection device ideal for protecting HVAC condensers, pool or well pumps, motors and incoming utility power.

DITEK's DTK-120/240HW offers compact, parallel mount surge protection for dedicated 120/240VAC split phase branch circuit loads.

Protect AC power and telco/fax lines with DITEK's DTK-8FF eight outlet plug-in surge protector. Accepts up to six transformers at the same time.

The DTK-BU600PLUS combines robust surge protection with line-interactive battery backup for optimal protection. 600VA with 7-outlets, RJ11 modular jack and 6' cord.

Small Mounting plate for HW/CM Series

DITEK's CMXPLUS Series of durable, cost-effective surge protective devices are ideal for a variety of industrial equipment. The DTK-6003CMXPLUS offers 600VAC three phase delta surge protection.