Audio/Video Protection

DITEK's Audio/Visual surge protection and line conditioning solutions are your best defense for protecting HDMI devices, commercial A/V equipment and home theater components from common power quality issues.

Single Outlet 120VAC Surge Protective Device

DITEK's DTK-1F is a single outlet surge protector that provides AC power protection for alarm panel transformers and point of use appliances.


7 Outlet Surge Protective Device with Load Sensing Technology

DITEK's DTK-7VS is a seven outlet power strip with load sensing technology, and illuminated load-status indicators for each level of load status.


CATV Surge Protector

DITEK's DTK-VSPA video surge protector is recommended for applications where AC power is already protected. Ideal for CATV, broadband cable and digital satellite systems.


Data & Signaling Circuit Surge Protector with Snap-Track Base

The DTK-2MHLP75BWB provides surge protection for two 70V speaker circuits and sensitive audio/video equipment. Field-replaceable module with hardwired mounting base.