Rack Mount Network Surge Protector

The DTK-RM12NETS is a 12-channel, upgradeable, 1U rack mount surge protector that uses state-of-the art circuitry to provide best-in-breed surge protection for shielded Ethernet, PoE and optional PoE extender circuits. The DTK-RM12NETS supports data speeds up to 10GbE, and provides surge protection grounding to remote devices when used with STP cabling. The DTK-RM12NETS is ideal for installations with multiple Ethernet cabling feeds that require protection before entering network switches. RMNETS

  • Uses SAD and GDT technologies to provide optimal protection for shielded Ethernet, PoE, PoES and PoE extender circuits
  • Rapid-replacement modular design allows modules to be swapped from front of device without removing from rack
  • Robust 20kA per pair surge current capacity is the highest offered in a product designed for shielded network devices
  • PoE Plus and HiPoE ready for high-wattage applications
  • Optional modules available to support PoE Extender Circuits
  • Supports up to 24 modules in a single enclosure

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