PoE Extender Surge Protector

The DTK-MRJEXTS is designed to be installed on the outputs of PoE Extender devices, and features 10GbE throughput and shileded RJ45 connectors.  This point of use surge protector is compatible with CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cabling infratructure, and when used with STP cablings, the MRJEXTS does not require a spearate earth ground.

  • Uses SAD and GDT technologies for optimal protection
  • Data speeds up to 10GbE withour signal degradation
  • PoE Plus, HiPoE ready for high-wattage applications
  • Shileded RJ45 connections with external grounding screw

US UL RoHS USA Find us in Masterspec

pdf DTK-MRJEXTS Data Sheet Download

pdf DTK-MRJEXTS Installation Guide Download