The risk of damage caused by electrical surges is familiar to anyone working in the convenience store industry. With electrical devices installed both indoors and outdoors throughout your location, the chance that an electrical surge will affect one or more of your devices is high. Video surveillance and security, AC power devices, point-of-sale (POS), and pay-at-pump machinery are only some of the vulnerable points at which a convenience store or truck stop might be affected by an electrical surge.

Surge events affecting your business is not a question of “if”, but “when”. Smaller, less obvious internal surges account for most of the surge damage done to electrical devices, and often are caused by basic usage—for example, turning on another power source such as HVAC on the same grid can cause power fluctuations that may damage your equipment.

In addition, the advent of the Internet of Things has led to an influx of interconnected devices that share a single network. With these networked devices, the chance that a surge at one point on the grid will affect other equipment is even higher. A single lightning strike can destroy the device it strikes and then travel along the power supply, damaging or destroying a great deal of expensive equipment and causing costly downtime on your system.

Cameras, intercom systems, electronic safes, pump controllers, ice boxes, and mechanical signs are just some of the devices that could be easily damaged by surges. All of these are expensive to replace, and having to repair or replace them would necessitate downtime for your business. Low-cost, easily changed, rugged surge protectors can help ensure that this important equipment remains up and functioning in the event of a surge, and that power fluctuations do not cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Adding surge protection on all of your essential devices helps to protect them from surges and prevent them from disseminating surges along their network. To ensure proper protection, surge protectors should be installed between devices, as well as at each device, to prevent surges both from damaging equipment and from travelling between devices.

At DITEK, we create surge protection solutions to ensure that your convenience store, truck stop, or travel center is protected from damaging surges outside and inside your facility. Contact us to learn more about how your facility can be properly protected.

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