DITEK Testimonials & Reviews

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DITEK’s Support

“I wanted to send out a thank you for your professional support, responding to all questions, and the mounting panel.  All are installed and [the] “green” light is on! Out of all the manufacturers I called, you were the most patient and informative.  You shared your belief in the DITEK products by your responses and your own personal use.”

– Diane W.

Partnering with DITEK

“We unequivocally care about our clients and the services we provide. With each community, we invest in a relationship that we want to be long-term, and that’s why we use DITEK products. They feel the same way about us. They care about us. We have a relationship together that’s lasted over a decade, and they continue to partner with us as we expand our footprint. DITEK helps us understand what products we need to use to protect our clients and the solutions that solve their problems.”

– Nathan Varn, Envera Systems

Working Together for 10+ Years

“We started using DITEK products just over 10 years ago, here and there. Then we took a deep-dive when Cheryl [Derenthal] came onboard. From there, she helped address our issues and provided recommendations to protect the rest of our equipment. It was a combination of using the right SPDs and the best way to implement each device.”

– Derek Wirsing, Envera Systems

About DITEK Products

“Great products! I [have had] hundreds of them installed for years with no reported losses.”

– Steve

About DITEK Products

“Great products! Saved many of my alarm customers from surges and also in the broadcast engineering work that I do at AM and FM stations.”

– Nick M. in Pennsylvania

Working with the DITEK team

“I needed a surge protector replaced. It had obviously protected my home since it was no longer working. I contacted the company about a replacement and got a quick response from Keith. He gave me the new surge protector model number and event told me where I could go to order it! It’s not often that one deals with a company whose service is as good as DITEK. I will be recommending them to others. Thank you, DITEK!”

– Anonymous

Working with DITEK

“To be honest, it is really easy to support a company that has a great product and great customer support. I greatly appreciate how much time your team puts into training your people to actually know what they are talking about; so [many] companies we deal with anymore are just reading from the cut sheets or manuals.”

– James A., Fisher Systems