DITEK Data Sheets provide useful specifications and other product information

Visit the DITEK Technical Library to Learn Surge Protection Best Practices

The DITEK Technical Library offers a wealth of training materials and references with best practices in surge protection for all kinds of electrical and electronic systems.

Peruse the valuable training materials, including Surge Protection 101 and a whole range of best practices. If you have a suggestion for improvement, or if you can’t find what you need – contact us!

Power Quality 101 – Technical Bulletin

Size 232 KB / Format PDF

Surge Protection 101 – Technical Bulletin

Size 241 KB / Format PDF

System Design 101 – Technical Bulletin

Size 248 KB / Format PDF

Grounding 101 – Technical Bulletin

Size 263 KB / Format PDF

The Benefits of Surge Protection for Security Systems

Size 643 KB / Format PDF

Reducing Downtime for Your Surveillance System

Size 2.6 MB / Format PDF

The Value of Surge Protection in Multiple Sectors

Size 4.8 MB / Format PDF

Proactive Surge Protection

Size 2.1 MB / Format PDF

Protecting Fire and Life Safety Systems with Advanced Surge Protection

Size 1.2 MB / Format PDF

SPD Field Testing – DTK-2MHLP Series

Size 261 KB / Format PDF

SPD Field Testing – DTK-MRJ Series

Size 259 KB / Format PDF

Best Practices for Dealing with the Aging Power Infrastructure

Size 2.5 MB / Format PDF