DITEK Surge Protection is your First Line of Defense

Every day installers, integrators, engineers and electricians count on Ditek Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to safeguard their fire panels, video surveillance systems, network devices, burglar alarms, access control systems and AC power. When planning your next project, choose the trusted brand of professionals. 


Latest Blog Posts

Mike Molinari
17 October 2019
Several of the new NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes and standards regarding emergency communications have caused some confusion in the building management marketplace. Building owners and managers may wonder whether the new guidelines apply to some or all of their facilities, and if they do, what actions need to be taken? This blog is intended to provide a brief overview of the new NFPA guidance and suggestions for your next steps....
Rich Mitchell
18 September 2019
As a professional in the security, life safety or AV installation channel, you know that your reputation depends on satisfied customers. When systems are unreliable, or experience downtime, it doesn’t matter what the cause – your customers look to you for answers, and for relief.Savvy system designers and installers know that power surges have a damaging effect on sensitive electronic systems.  Not only are security systems at risk, POS and lottery terminals, fuel pumps, access control and ...
Craig Whitehouse
30 August 2019
It’s a fact that electronic systems live longer and are more reliable when they’re protected against power surges and spikes. As an integrator, if you fail to include Surge Protection Devices on new system installs, you could be failing your customers by not providing them with your best quality of service.If any of the four reasons listed below sounds like something you might say, you need to keep reading. For each one, we are adding some useful information that will help you provide the best g...
Jason Klein
09 August 2019
HVAC installation and maintenance businesses are demanding – and in a highly competitive market – so simply providing the basics of competent and efficient work may not be enough to be successful anymore. Customers today can post public feedback faster and more visibly than ever before, rewarding professionals that go beyond the basics to deliver both high quality installations and high customer satisfaction. Building a lasting and respected business may well depend on consistently delighting cu...