DITEK Surge Protection is your First Line of Defense

Every day installers, integrators, engineers and electricians count on Ditek Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to safeguard their fire panels, video surveillance systems, network devices, burglar alarms, access control systems and AC power. When planning your next project, choose the trusted brand of professionals.

Insist on DITEK Surge Protection


Jason Klein
03 January 2018
When evaluating surge protection for your networked devices, its essential to choose the right product to do each individual job. There is more to surge protection than simply hooking up a device – in fact there are several different types of surge protection, each engineered with differing core components performing the “dirty work” of dissipating surges away from your critical devices. The three most commonly found core components are MOVs, SADs, and GDTs; most surge protectors are built aroun...
Lisa Messinger
22 December 2017
From heartrate monitors to medication pumps, much of what keeps patients alive and healthy in hospitals is dependent on a steady flow of power. However, there are other critical systems in healthcare facilities that require the highest level of protection from power disruptions as well – the video surveillance and access control systems. Should these stop functioning, the results could be catastrophic or even fatal. For that reason, it is essential in healthcare facilities to protect these syste...