Every day installers, integrators, engineers and electricians count on Ditek Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to safeguard their fire panels, video surveillance systems, network devices, burglar alarms, access control systems and AC power. When planning your next project, choose the trusted brand of professionals.


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Craig Whitehouse
18 August 2022
When you are managing a facility, you know there are certain things that need to be done now to prevent problems later. You may test fire alarms to ensure they sound as necessary, clean gutters to protect your roof, or replace air filters to prevent HVAC system failure. This periodic, preventative maintenance not only extends the lifecycle of your systems, but also creates a safer, more productive...
Lisa Messinger
19 July 2022
Your customer calls you after they have awoken to a failed HVAC system. Upset and in a panic, they start to shift the blame to you, their installer, after their new heating and cooling system suddenly isn’t working anymore. They insist there were no overnight storms, so what gives? You, an experienced professional, calmly explain that their home likely experienced an overnight power surge. Power s...
Dave Carzoli
21 June 2022
The benefits of a backup power generator cannot be overstated. When it comes to keeping your family comfortable at home or maintaining normal business operations, you can count on a backup generator to mitigate the negative effects of an unexpected power outage. While you may think that the purchase and installation of a standby power generator automatically ensures power restoration in the c...
Cheryl Derenthal
24 May 2022
As an HVAC installer, you work hard to provide quality products and service to your customers. Part of providing superior service includes informing your customers of all known risks to their system, including harmful undervoltage and overvoltage events caused by power surges and natural voltage fluctuations. Such events can cause catastrophic damage to HVAC systems, leading to costly repairs and ...

Featured Products

Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

DITEK’s 800VA Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply provides pure backup voltage with built-in AVR stabilizer.

Data & Signaling Circuit Surge Protector with Snap-Track Base

The DTK-2MHLP24BWB provides surge protection for two 24V circuits in a field-replaceable module. Includes hardwired mounting base for easy installation.

Total Surge Solution for Fire Alarm Systems

Visual, audible, smart. DITEK’s DTK-120X12 sets a new standard for 120VAC power and low voltage surge protection.

HDMI Surge Protector

DITEK’s DTK-HDMI2 dual channel surge protector combines state-of-the-art circuit technology with HDMI connectors in a shielded enclosure to protect a variety of sensitive electronics.

Category: D300M Series

Modular Surge Protective Device - 300kA/Phase

DITEK's D300M industrial surge protectors are designed to meet new construction bid/spec requirements for facility-wide protection.  Each model provides a high surge current rating to ensure long service life, and includes service assurance features to support proactive operational management.

Wall Mount 4 Channel Network Surge Protector

The DTK-WM4NETS is a 4-channel, wall mount surge protector that uses state-of-the-art circuitry to provide best-in-breed surge protection for Ethernet, PoE and optional PoE extender circuits.