How to Buy DITEK Surge Protection Products

DITEK products are sold primarily through electricians and professional system integrators in a variety of industries, including Fire Protection, Security, Networking, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Retail/POS systems, and all types of electrical, manufacturing, industrial, HVAC and electronic equipment.

If you are an integration professional, please see our Distributors page for a partial list of our authorized distributors.

Every home and business has electrical and/or electronic systems that need to be protected from power spikes and surges. Here are some suggestions how you can ensure your critical systems are protected:

Protect Your Business with DITEK Surge Protection! 

  1. If you are purchasing/implementing any new electrical or electronic system, ask your integrator if they included appropriate DITEK surge protection. This applies to every type of electrical and electronic system – HVAC, security and life safety, machine controls, refrigeration, POS…  every one! Check that SPDs are included on your equipment plan, and if you don’t see them, ask for them! 
  2. It is easy to add DITEK surge protection to your existing electrical and electronic systems too – just ask your integrator, IT staff, facility manager, electrician or other service provider if SPDs are installed in your business or home, and if not, ask for a surge protection plan. It can save you a bundle in the long run! 
  3. It is important to know that networking, communication, and video cables that are designed to carry signals and low voltage power also need to be protected. This is because they can carry damaging surges to other connected equipment and systems, and generally are more vulnerable when spread over large distances. Video, antenna, and signaling cables that extend outdoors are particularly vulnerable – make sure they are protected with the DITEK protection products designed for these applications! 
  4. The cost of including DITEK surge protection, or adding it to existing systems, is low – often lower than the sales tax on the equipment it’s intended to protect.  Don’t let your vital systems go unprotected! 

How to Buy DITEK Surge Protection for Your Home 

  1. Homeowners may be aware that recent updates to the National Electrical Code (NEC) now require “whole home” electrical surge protection. While these code improvements usually only require action for new construction or upgrades, it signifies a heightened national recognition that the electrical and electronic systems in every home would benefit by adding such protection. To find out more, the best course of action is to contact a reliable licensed electrician to inquire about DITEK Residential Whole Home protection 
  2. In addition to whole home protection, sensitive systems such as burglar alarms, home networking and computer equipment, and other smart systems benefit from a layered protection approach. Ask your electrician or system integrator for the DITEK protection options designed for these purposes.