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LVLP Series Is a Flexible, Effective And Simple Surge Protection Solution

DITEK's LVLP Series is a flexible screw terminal surge protection solution to protect a wide range of low voltage data and signaling circuits. Models are available in a range of voltages and capacities to meet most needs.



Data & Signaling Circuit Surge Protector

DITEK's LVLP surge protectors guard multiple low voltage applications in the fire and security industries. The DTK-4LVLPLV protects four 24V hardwired circuits.

  • Protects low voltage data and signaling loop circuits
  • Suitable for both AC and DC circuits
  • Series connection, parallel function adds no resistance to circuits


Model Service Voltage Clamping Voltage Connection Method
DTK-2LVLPD 5V 8V 2 Pair
DTK-2LVLPF 24V 39V 2 Pair
DTK-2LVLPX 12V 22V 2 Pair
DTK-2LVLPLV 24V 39V 2 Pair
DTK-2LVLPOPX 48V 76V 2 Pair
DTK-2LVLPRUV 130V 155V 2 Pair
DTK-4LVLPD 5V 8V 4 Pair
DTK-4LVLPX 12V 22V 4 Pair
DTK-4LVLPLV 24V 39V 4 Pair
DTK-4LVLPOPX 48V 76V 4 Pair
DTK-4LVLPRUV 130V 155V 4 Pair
DTK-4LVLPCR See Data sheet See Data sheet 4 Pair
DTK-4LVXR See Data sheet See Data sheet 4 Pair
DTK-4LVTEP See Data sheet See Data sheet 4 Pair
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