Reducing Downtime for your Surveillance System

Reducing Downtime for Your Surveillance System

Downtime is often the costliest outcome of a power surge – one that can render your surveillance system useless and expose you to liabilities.

The Value of Surge Protection for Your Surveillance System

In every industry, surge protection is critical to keep video surveillance systems running and to lengthen the life of essential security equipment.

Proactive Surge Protection

Taking a proactive approach to installing surge protection ensures the security of your data, employees and facility during an unpredictable electrical event.

Protecting Fire and Life Safety Systems

Fire alarm and life safety systems are essential for protecting people, property and assets in virtually every public and private facility. Learn how to protect your systems from disruptions caused by power surges and spikes.

Proactive Surge Protection

The Benefits of Surge Protection for Security Systems

Power surges can negatively impact electronic systems that make up the core of security systems, including surveillance, access control, fire safety, and others.

The Many Ways Your System Can Be Compromised

Power surges can compromise your systems. Learn why your organization should be concerned and how to protect your essential electronic equipment from potential damage.

Industrial Surge Protection: Strategies and Benefits

Power surges in an industrial facility can be catastrophic, damaging infrastructure, machinery, and adversely impact production lines. Understanding the impact and creating a plan to protect your facility is essential.

The Basics of Network Surge Protection

Lightning strikes and power surges present a different challenge to a company’s network. If not properly addressed, they can have devastating effects to sensitive electronic systems including access control, fire, surveillance and more.

The Importance of Electrical Product Safety Testing

Certified electrical safety testing is crucial to meet workplace safety regulations and meet agency compliance requirements. Learn best practices and recommendations to minimize electrical risks and hazards.

How Lightning Impacts Business and Electronic Systems

Learn the causes and effects of lightning, and review some of the best ways to minimize lightning damage to critical systems.

Best Practices for Dealing with the Aging Power Infrastructure

With over 3,100 electrical energy providers in the U.S., connecting these providers to customers throughout the country creates power disruptions, surges and spikes that can negatively impact your systems.

The Importance of Electrical Surge Protection

Home and industrial facilities are both subjected to frequent power surges. Most are unnoticed, but each one of them can potentially damage electrical, HVAC, and other critical systems. Be proactive and plan accordingly to protect your devices.