DITEK Data Sheets provide useful specifications and other product information

DITEK Installation Guides Provide Detailed Instructions

DITEK Installation Guides provide detailed installation instructions for surge protection products, including safety cautions and functional assurance measurements. DITEK Installation Guides include details of required tools, wire and cable standards, installation tips and required measurements to ensure safe and effective installation. On this page, the sheets are organized by product series. Click on the links in the right column to view the Guides immediately.

2MHLP Series Products

Accessories Products

D200M Series Products

D200MT Series Products

D300M Series Products

D300MT Series Products

DTK-ESS Series Products

DTK-GLI Series Products

HDMI Series Products

IP Over Coax Series Products

Line Conditioner Products

MRJ45 Series Products

Protection Kit Products

DTK-APK1 includes:

     DTK-1F Installation 191552

     DTK-MRJ Series 191506

DTK-FPK1 includes:

     DTK-120HW 191509 Rev 9

     DTK-MRJ Series 191506

DTK-FPK2 includes:

     DTK-120SRD 191554 Rev 7

     DTK-MRJ Series 191506

DTK-HVACKIT includes:

     DTK-120/240CM 191130 Rev 9

     DTK-LVLP Series 191505 Rev 6

TPV Series Products

UPS+ Series Products