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66 Block Series Protects Telecom and Intercom Circuits with Field-replaceable Modules

DITEK’s 66 Block Series modular surge protectors are designed to provide protection to telecom and intercom circuits, including POTS, CO, digital, and call-in circuit types. Models cover all the common voltage protection needs, from 14V intercom call-in circuits, to 25V and 30V analog and speaker circuits, 30V digital circuits, 50V off-premise extensions, and 130V POTS and CO telco circuits. Most models include built-in diagnostic test points. Select models available with self-resetting fuses.


66 Block Series : DTK-S130A

66 Block Quick-Connect Surge Protector

The DTK-S130A offers 130V, 66 block snap on surge protection for POTS and CO telco circuits, 150mA self-resetting fuse.

  • Quick connect module, no bridge strips required
  • Each Snap-It protects one digital pair
  • Field-replaceable, with built-in diagnostic test points


Model Service Voltage Clamping Voltage LED
DTK-S14A 14V 22V No
DTK-S14B 14V 22V No
DTK-S30A 30V 47V No
DTK-S30B 30V 47V No
DTK-SL30A 130V 204V Yes
DTK-SL30B 130V 204V Yes
DTK-S50A 50V 82V No
DTK-S50B 50V 82V No
DTK-S130A 130V 204V No
DTK-SL130A 130V 204V Yes
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