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DR Series Provides Point-of-use Surge Protection for DIN Rail Installations

DITEK's DR Series provides proven and trusted surge protection technology in a convenient DIN Rail mounting package. Ideal for point-of-use protection for machine control panels and similar applications in industrial and commercial environments, or anywhere DIN Rail mounting is used. Models available in a range of voltages to meet most needs, from 120VAC single phase to 347/600VAC three phase wye, and many more.


DR Series : DTK-DR240P2

DIN Rail Surge Protective Device

The DTK-DR Series of DIN Rail surge protectors are designed to provide point-of-use protection for machine control panels and similar applications in commercial and industrial environments.  The DTK-DR240P2 protects 120/240VAC split phase panels.

  • Each model provides a 75,000 Amp/phase surge current rating to ensure powerful protection and a long service life
  • Visual and remote end-of-life indicators enable proactive maintenance and the highest level of machine and system protection
  • Compact, modular design for easy integration within machine control panels
  • Approved for UL508 control panels


Model Service Voltage Wiring N-G Module
DTK-DR120P1 120V Single 2W + G No
DTK-DR208P4 120/208V Wye 4W + G No
DTK-DR208P4N 277/480V Wye 4W + G Yes
DTK-DR240P1 240V Single 2W + G No
DTK-DR240P2 120/240V Split 3W + G No
DTK-DR240P3 240V Delta 3W + G No
DTK-DR240P4N 120/240V Delta 4W + G Yes
DTK-DR277P1 277V Single 2W + G No
DTK-DR347P1 347V Single 2W + G No
DTK-DR480P2 240/480V Split 3W + G No
DTK-DR480P3 480V Delta 3W + G No
DTK-DR480P4 277/480V Wye 4W + G No
DTK-DR480P4HN 240/480V Delta 4W + G Yes
DTK-DR480P4N 277/480V Wye 4W + G Yes
DTK-DR600P4 347/600V Wye 4W + G No
DTK-DR600P4N 347/600V Wye 4W + G Yes
DTK-DR690P4 400/690V Wye 4W + G No
DTK-DR690P4N 400/690V Wye 4W + G Yes
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