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D100 Series Protects AC Electrical Panels Rated from 200A to 600A

DITEK’s 100kA industrial surge protectors are designed to provide protection to AC power systems in the most demanding environments, and are recommended for electrical panels rated from 200A to 600A. The D100 Series incorporates individually fused components for maximum performance and protection. Available in a wide range of voltage configurations, the compact D100 is an excellent choice for electrical panel protection.


D100 Series : D100-120/2083Y

Industrial Surge Protective Device - 100kA/Phase

DITEK's D100 industrial AC power surge protection devices are recommended for electrical panels rated at 200A to 600A. The D100-120/2083Y protects 120/208VAC three phase wye panels.

  • 100,000 Amp surge current rating per phase, 50,000 Amps per mode, ensures long service life
  • Compact size enables close mounting to protected panel, minimizing wire length and maximizing performance
  • Diagnostic LED indicates system power and SPD function


Model Service Voltage Wiring
D100-120/2401 120/240V Split 3W + G
D100-120/2083Y 120/208V Wye 4W + G
D100-120/240HL 120/240V Delta High Leg 4W + G
D100-2403D 240V Delta 3W + G
D100-277/4803Y 277/480V Wye 4W + G
D100-4803D 480V Delta 3W + G
D100-6003D 600V Delta 3W + G
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