The Electrical Suppliers’ Guide to Surge Protection

Surge protection is considered an essential element of every electrical installation. While it is not necessarily always top of mind when planning or updating electrical systems, surge protection represents a valuable opportunity for electricians and their suppliers. Surge protection devices are an easy add-on to existing and new systems that can be easily justified to end-users. They also offer big margins that can quickly boost profits. New NEC Codes are further driving the demand for surge protection because they are required for compliance. However, understanding and conveying the importance of surge protection is just half the battle. It’s imperative to select the right surge protection provider with proven product reliability and the support necessary to help ensure increased sales and revenue.

Surge Protection Solutions for Electrical Applications

Confidence Makes the Surge Protection Sale

This informative guide is designed to help electrical suppliers and distributors understand the business potential of surge protection as well as the benefits afforded by working with the right surge protection partner.

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You and your clients already know why surge protection is important for electrical systems. With an aging electrical infrastructure, power disruptions have become a common occurrence. An extensive research survey conducted by IBM reports that an average of 128.3 power-related disturbances typically occur within a single monitored facility every month. This equates to an average of more than four power surges per day. Any one of these surges can cause devices or the entire electrical system to fail with costly consequences related to repairs, replacement, and downtime. Yet surge protection requires just a small initial investment that, in return, can help to avoid unexpected costs down the road.

Discover the Importance of Surge Protection to Boost Sales

Not only do surge protection devices help preserve customers’ ROI, they also help ensure compliance with mandated code requirements. For example, many installers are aware of the 2020 changes to the National Electrical Code (NEC) that introduced a requirement in Section 230.67 to have a Type 1 or Type 2 surge protective device (SPD) for dwelling unit services. However, Section 230.67 was recently updated as a part of the new 2023 NEC to also require surge protection for dormitories, hotel and motel guest rooms, and specified areas of nursing homes and limited-care facilities. Given these additional venue mandates, electrical installers and integrators need to re-evaluate surge protection solutions for both existing and new installations that fall into these categories.

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Even though contractors and builders are watching costs more carefully than ever right now, when you make an educated recommendation for surge protection, backed by useful information, you deliver greater value and confidence to your customers. The fact that surge protection can be added to almost any electrical system’s bill of materials (BOM) doesn’t hurt either. The result is a solution that practically sells itself, benefiting your customers, their end users, and your business’ bottom line!

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Choosing the Right Surge Protection Partner

Working with an experienced and proven manufacturer of surge protection solutions like DITEK ensures you will receive the knowledge, tools and confidence to effectively offer the best solutions to your customers. DITEK Surge Protection is a family business that has led the surge protection industry for over 30 years. Surge protection has been DITEK’s primary business since its inception, ensuring the reliability and variety of solutions designed to fit the needs of every installation. Moreover, DITEK’s core products are manufactured in their own factory in the USA, and come backed with a comprehensive warranty. DITEK also supports professional electrical contractors and system integrators with outstanding pre- and post-sales support, including system design review, site surveys, product selection advice, and training.

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Lastly, and most importantly, DITEK offers numerous benefits that cater directly to its distribution partners. DITEK products are available immediately from stock and are offered only through professional distributors, not big-box retailers. This means no wrestling with supply chain issues, low quality products, and razor-thin margins. DITEK delivers reliable surge protection products that your customers can count on to protect their electrical systems and infrastructure, and that you can rely on to help grow your business.

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