DITEK Employees Donate to The American Red Cross

DITEK Employee's Donate to Hurricane Michael Relief

DITEK Corporation  ♦  Largo, FL USA

DITEK is happy to make a donation to The American Red Cross, on behalf of our employees to help the victims of Hurricane Michael recover from this terrible disaster.

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DITEK Employees Support Hurricane Michael Victims

DITEK Employee's Donate to Hurricane Relief

DITEK Corporation ♦ Largo, FL USA

Today our awesome employees filled the DITEK truck with supplies to help those in the Panhandle.  We are so thankful for thier generosity!

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NACS Conference & Expo

Team DITEK at NACS 2018

October 7 - 10, 2018  ♦  Las Vegas Convention Center  ♦  Las Vegas, NV

This event brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying, selling, networking and fun.

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Modular Surge Protector Removes the Guesswork

DITEK Deflector Series SPD

Las Vegas Convention Center  ♦  Las Vegas, NV

DITEK's new Deflector Series Surge Protective Device lets the user know in three ways when it requires attention. Unique rapid-replacement modules make it possible to have the unit up and running again in only a few seconds. The Deflector is conveniently wall-mountable, with no additional enclosure required, allowing it to be placed in close proximity to core systems or devices that warrant the highest levels of protection.

“The Deflector Series makes it even easier to keep fire alarm panels – or any mission-critical 120-volt device not exceeding 20 amps – safe from damage or destruction from power surges,” said Jason Klein, National Sales Manager, DITEK. “Up until now, it’s been a problem for users who may not see a visible out-of-service indicator until it’s too late and their equipment has been damaged by a power surge. The Deflector solves that problem with a unique audible alarm that can’t be ignored. The Deflector is ideal for convenience stores as owners/operators will know immediately if a power surge puts their facility out of commission, and it would take only three seconds to pop in a new module and have it working again.”

The first product in this new series, the DTK-DF120S1 Deflector Series Surge Protector is a 120-volt dedicated circuit protection device designed to minimize damage from AC supply voltage spikes by isolating incoming surges that originate from lightning strikes and other sources. The device is simple for a licensed electrician to hardwire into a circuit, with no enclosure or rack required.

When the Deflector does its job by absorbing a power surge and stops functioning, the unit sounds a loud audible alarm and an LED flashes, indicating that the module needs to be replaced. Intelligent notification is also available via dry contacts which can be connected to alarm panels to alert central station monitoring that the module needs replacing.

“With the Deflector Series, you’ll always know when the surge protection on your critical devices and systems requires immediate attention. When it goes, you’ll hear it and see it, and it’s a true rapid-replacement for the module,” said Klein. “Whether it’s a fire alarm panel or a whole rack of servers, our new Deflector Series will best protect every device powered by 120 volts.”

The Deflector Series is UL1449 listed as a Surge Protective Device (SPD), as well as UL1283 listed for EMI/RFI noise filtering.

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DITEK Supports the 2018 Warhawk Golf Classic

DITEK Supports Seminole High School Baseball

Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club  ♦  Largo, FL

DITEK is happy to support the Seminole High School Baseball Program by sponsoring the 2018 Warhawk Golf Classic; a day of golf, dinner and silent auction.

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