DITEK Supports Seminole High School Booster Club

DITEK Supports Seminole High School Booster Club

Seminole High School  ♦  Seminole, FL

DITEK is proud to have our "name in the lights" at the Seminole High School Baseball Field, donations support the school's Booster Club.


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GSX Conference & Expo

Team DITEK at GSX 2018

September 25 - 27, 2018  ♦  Las Vegas Convention Center  ♦  Las Vegas, NV  ♦  Booth# 3857

Experience expert-level education, revitalized networking, and an exhibit floor that allows you to explore the current and future security landscape.

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DITEK Showcases New Network Surge Protection at GSX

DITEK Showcases Network Surge Protection at GSX

Las Vegas Convention Center  ♦  Las Vegas, NV

Designed with state-of-the-art circuitry, the DTK-RMNETS lineup provides superior rack-mounted surge protection for up to 24 shielded Ethernet and PoE connections in a compact 1RU mount - ideal for installations where multiple Ethernet cabling feeds require surge protection before entering network switches. The improved lineup lets installers match the number of connections needed for a project while providing room for easy growth, and supports hybrid protection with a mix of both Ethernet/PoE and PoE Extender circuits within a single rack-mount housing.

“The enhanced DTK-RMNETS product line is the next evolution in surge protectors for Ethernet and PoE,” said Jason Klein, National Sales Manager, DITEK. “It provides unmatched value and exceptional protection for networked systems, and is easy to maintain and replace when protection modules have sacrificed. When used in conjunction with our single-channel protectors at the equipment end of the cable runs, users have a comprehensive network protection solution.”

The flagship of the enhanced lineup is the DTK-RM24NETS, a 24-channel, 1U rack mount device providing the industry’s strongest surge protection for shielded Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. Compatible with CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cabling infrastructure, it supports data speeds up to 10GbE, offers field-replaceable modules that can be swapped without removing the housing from the rack, and provides surge protection grounding to remote devices when used with STP cabling. PoE Plus and Hi-PoE ready for high-wattage applications, the DTK-RM24NETS complies with IEEE standards 802.3af and 802.3at for PoE surge protection and is enclosed in rugged galvannealed housing.

The complete DTK-RMNETS rack-mount protection product series now includes models with 12, 16 or 24 channels to better match a range of project sizes. Along with the new 24-channel model, the company announced improvements to the 12 and 16-channel versions that allow additional modules to be added at any time to support up to 24 channels to accommodate current system needs or future growth. In addition, the rapid replacement modules can now be mixed within a single housing to support hybrid operation with both Ethernet/PoE and PoE Extender circuits, providing even more flexibility for meeting the needs of both new installations and adding protection to current installations.

The company also offers single channel Ethernet/PoE and PoE Extender protectors that are designed to be installed on the device end of the cable to ensure protection at both ends. This is recommended practice for externally mounted cameras, and required by the NFPA when a SLC Loop runs between two buildings.

“Surge protection is an important preventive step to help preserve the functionality of all types of electronic devices and systems,” added Mr. Klein. “Adding surge protection is an easy, cost-effective measure to ensure that life safety and security devices can do their essential jobs without interruption.”

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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Benefit

DITEK Supports Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club  ♦  Largo, FL

DITEK is thrilled to sponsor the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office benefit to raise money for the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches.

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NFPA Conference & Expo


Mandalay Bay Convention Center  ♦  Las Vegas, NV ♦  Booth# 1373

Discover the products and services needed to meet and maintain compliance with prevailing codes and standards for fire and life safety systems.

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