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Versa-Module 2 Series Gives a Truly Customizable Protection Solution

DITEK’s Versa-Module 2 is a unique modular solution for protecting various combinations of signaling, data, and low-voltage power circuits. With the option of 4, 8, and 24-channel enclosures, the VM2 Series offers a vast array of customizable solutions for every application. Its rapid-replacement modules, available in both RJ45 and screw terminal configurations, and single-point grounding makes installation and service replacement a breeze. Contact your DITEK Sales Rep for Versa-Module housing models DTK-VM2R24, DTK-VM2W4, and DTK-VM2W8.


VM2 Series : DTK-VM2TM48

VM2T Rapid-Replacement Protection Module - 48V

The DTK-VM2TM48 protects 48Vdc power and signaling loops. Install any combination of VM2/VM2T modules in one of our rack or wall mount enclosures to create your own specific surge protection solution.

  • Rapid-replacement module with screw terminal connections
  • Protects 48Vdc power and signaling loops
  • Hybrid design utilizing SAD and GDT technologies
  • "Build your own" mix and match protection solution to accommodate various circuit types


Model Service Voltage Clamping Voltage Connection Method
DTK-VM2M5 5V 8V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM5 5V 8V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M12 12V 31V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM12 12V 31V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M24 24V 39V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM24 24V 39V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M36 36V 59V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM36 36V 59V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M48 48V 76V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM48 48V 76V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M75 75V 108V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM75 75V 108V Screw Terminal
DTK-VM2M130 130V 155V RJ45
DTK-VM2TM130 130V 155V Screw Terminal
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