3 Reasons to Offer Voltage Monitoring to Your HVAC Customers

As an HVAC installer, you work hard to provide quality products and service to your customers. Part of providing superior service includes informing your customers of all known risks to their system, including harmful undervoltage and overvoltage events caused by power surges and natural voltage fluctuations. Such events can cause catastrophic damage to HVAC systems, leading to costly repairs and diminished customer confidence.

Offer voltage monitoring to HVAC customers

Your HVAC Customers Need Protection

Voltage monitoring and surge protection solutions are a proven way to protect HVAC systems against electrical dangers. If you are not already offering these solutions to your HVAC customers, here are 3 reasons why you should:

Reason 1: To Protect Your Customer’s Investment

HVAC systems are a significant financial investment for both residential and commercial customers. Similarly, power disruptions are an expensive risk, so it is important for customers to hear from their installer just how much voltage fluctuations and electrical surges can cost in the long run. Extreme power surges and spikes are known to cause complete system failure, and since such device failures are not often covered by insurance, owners are left to foot the bill. In cases where electrical damage to a system is repairable, repairs and downtime can be costly. Power fluctuations produced by inductive load switching in HVAC systems also degrade a system over time, shortening the system’s overall lifespan and requiring premature replacement.
Inverter-driven AC systems are further affected by power variations as they require very stable input power. These systems do not tolerate power fluctuations above or below a specified voltage range and often include manufacturer warranties with conditions outlining owner responsibility for protecting the equipment from ongoing power changes. If an owner fails to do so, it is likely that the manufacturer would void the warranty in the case of electrical damage or failure, again leading to costly repairs or replacement. Warning your customers of these potential costs and effectively offering a voltage monitoring solution provides your clients with priceless peace of mind.

Reason 2: To Uphold Your Brand Reputation

In the short term, HVAC system replacement and repair may sound beneficial to your business since it directly equates to billable sales. However, this short-term thinking is damaging in the long-term as unreliable, vulnerable systems are a direct threat to your company’s reputation. When a power surge leads to equipment failure or damage, customers are quick to blame the installer as they do not truly know what caused the problem. Word of mouth spreads quickly and customers can share and view public feedback easier than ever before. System downtime, loss of customer confidence, and frequent system repairs caused by unaddressed voltage irregularities damage your brand and can lead to lost business.
Conversely, professionals that go beyond the basics to deliver high-quality installations and customer service are rewarded with strong brand loyalty. HVAC installers offering voltage monitoring and surge protection solutions position themselves as a trusted partner within the industry. Offering such solutions protects you and your business from potentially negative feedback and should be a part of any comprehensive HVAC system proposal.

Reason 3: To Boost Your Sales

Recommending voltage monitoring and surge protection solutions to your customers is an easy add-on that can boost your bottom line. Unfortunately, many HVAC providers shy away from adding this critical element to a Bill of Materials (BoM) due to fear of pricing themselves out of the project. Installers who can effectively communicate the return on investment (ROI) of a voltage monitoring product stand to benefit from its sale.
Making the case for voltage monitoring to your clients is not difficult, as surge protection is no longer a nice-to-have but rather a must-have. Especially when customers consider the cost of complete HVAC system replacement or repair. With a full understanding of long-term costs, many customers are receptive to the additional cost of protection – especially when the cost of voltage monitoring is typically less than the sales tax on their entire system. When in doubt, consider adding voltage monitoring and surge protection to the BoM as an optional protection upgrade. Once you are given the chance to educate your customer on the benefits of such solutions, they will undoubtedly see the need, creating a win-win solution for both parties.

Choosing the Right Provider

DITEK’s new DTK-KG2 is specifically designed to protect HVAC equipment from harmful under-voltage and over-voltage events that can damage sensitive electronic and mechanical components within the system. The DTK-KG2 also incorporates DITEK’s state-of-the-art surge protection design to shield the equipment from damaging transient voltage surges and spikes. Diagnostic red and green LEDs located on the DTK-KG2 indicate exactly what voltage condition is present, making identification of harmful power fluctuations easy. The unit’s UL Type 4X polycarbonate enclosure is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and its compact design is purpose-built for fast, efficient installation.

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The addition of voltage monitoring and surge protection to a new or existing HVAC system provides a host of benefits for installers and their customers. By offering these solutions to your clients, you cement your position as a trusted partner – and reap the financial rewards as well.