Insurance. We buy it for protection. For our business, home, car, health, even our pets sometimes. It’s a proactive investment to safeguard our most valuable assets. But what about your electronic and digital assets? Nearly everything these days is connected to the electrical grid—your computers, communication and entertainment devices, your fire protection system, not to mention an array of appliances. Are you being proactive to protect those assets?

Electric surges happen every day and more frequently than you might expect. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a typical building experiences more than 150 power surges each month (Deerwester, 2023). That’s an average of four (or more) a day! And over time, all those power hits take a toll on anything connected to the electrical grid— security systems, fire protection, laptops—basically, the lifelines in your business and home.

DITEK Surge Protection is a proactive investment to safeguard your most valuable electronic and digital assets. This investment pays for itself by protecting and enhancing the life of that equipment; plus, it ensures your business avoids any downtime due to a more powerful surge that might shut down your systems. Ask our sales team about businesses that learned this lesson too late—in one case an electrical grid surge took out a hotel fire protection system, costing the hotel millions of dollars.

On that note, can you guess the number one complaint from commercial and electronics users? Downtime. When you combine the frustrations and costs associated with downtime, that shouldn’t be a surprise. And the number one cause of that downtime? Poor power quality. As technology continues to evolve and our devices become more and more sensitive, proactive protection is crucial.

Like insurance, the time to think about and invest in DITEK Surge Protection is before an event happens. It’s a small investment to make to protect your business and home assets, as well as give you peace of mind. As the adage goes, “Hope is not a plan.” We cannot simply “hope” our systems and equipment are safe; we must be proactive and take the necessary steps to ensure everything is protected.


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