DITEK Surge Protection is your First Line of Defense

Every day installers, integrators, engineers and electricians count on Ditek Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to safeguard their fire panels, video surveillance systems, network devices, burglar alarms, access control systems and AC power. When planning your next project, choose the trusted brand of professionals. 

DTK-RM24NETS Now Available

Rich Mitchell
27 February 2018
The information age has led to an astonishing number of innovations, including the Internet of Things — a growing trend affecting the day-to-day operations of a multitude of systems including surveillance, security and even systems like refrigeration and telephones. However, the growing trend of IoT devices means a concurrent growth in devices utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. While PoE generally provides simpler and more cost-effective installations for networked system devices, i...
Chris Ralston
19 February 2018
Surge protectors serve one of the most important defensive functions for the many electrical and electronic systems that you use to help run your business. In the event of a damaging spike in power, whether from a lightning strike or a more common power surge, your surge protector will ensure that the surge does not reach your devices and damage or destroy them. As a vital part of their useful life, one of the responsibilities of surge protectors is to absorb a sudden rush of electrical power – ...