Best Practices for Dealing with the Aging Power Infrastructure

Why Implementing a Surge Protection Plan is Crucial to Protecting Assets

The aging power infrastructure in the United States can create electrical disturbances that degrade or destroy critical electronic resources for industries and individuals alike. It is important to protect vital equipment from these damaging occurrences by implementing a layered surge protection strategy to minimize the effects of electrical system disturbances on critical systems.

In this whitepaper you will discover:

  • Where electrical system disturbances can occur
  • What factors most affect the performance and stability of the electrical grid
  • Why a layered approach is best for protecting power and communications from electrical disturbances
  • How you can minimize the negative effects of electrical system disturbances on critical business systems with a sound surge protection strategy

Download our whitepaper and learn about the aging power infrastructure, how electrical disturbances can affect sensitive electronics, and why implementing a surge protection plan is essential!



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