5 Reasons to Install Surge Protection

Five Reasons WhyIn the world of systems installation, there is perhaps nothing more exciting than closing a big sale. Tallying up the bill of materials (BoM) on a multi-piece security system or campus-wide HVAC system feels like a win – because it is! However, many installers and electricians may be unaware that they are leaving valuable opportunities on the table by forgetting about one crucial line item – surge protection. 
Surge protection has long been thought of as an add-on to electronic systems when, in reality, they are a critical piece of equipment that installers and electricians should take advantage of. Installing surge protection is a win-win, offering end users protection from damaging power surges while benefiting installers in more ways than one. If you are not already offering and installing surge protection, here are 5 reasons why you should:
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3 Reasons to Offer Voltage Monitoring to Your HVAC Customers

2022 05 HVACAs an HVAC installer, you work hard to provide quality products and service to your customers. Part of providing superior service includes informing your customers of all known risks to their system, including harmful undervoltage and overvoltage events caused by power surges and natural voltage fluctuations. Such events can cause catastrophic damage to HVAC systems, leading to costly repairs and diminished customer confidence.

Voltage monitoring and surge protection solutions are a proven way to protect HVAC systems against electrical dangers. If you are not already offering these solutions to your HVAC customers, here are 3 reasons why you should:






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Protecting LED Lighting from Power Outages

Surge Protection for LED Lighting

One of the most notorious public venue lighting failures occurred at the 2013 Super Bowl. A partial power outage in the New Orleans Superdome literally turned off the lights during the nighttime game, stopping play for 34 minutes. Fans were confused, the network broadcast was disrupted, and social media buzzed with conjecture. It was discovered several days later that a newly installed relay had tripped, resulting in the power outage, during which only emergency lighting functioned.

The incident created the potential for significant negative consequences. There could have been unrest or even violence between fans in the stands. Attendees, staff, vendors or team members could have been injured due to the dark conditions. Any of these incidents could have created huge potential legal liabilities for the City and the Stadium Commission.

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3 Reasons You Should Only Sell Channel-Brand UPS Systems

Channel-Brand UPS SolutionsA retail store suddenly cannot accept payments. A restaurant can’t cook. All the lights go out during a football game in a stadium. Surveillance cameras stop working in a courtroom. These are just a few of the many examples of negative outcomes that could stem from a power outage.

Most organizations have electrical and electronic systems that are critical to their daily operations. If the power goes out and these systems stop working, the consequences can be extremely serious, disrupting business, exposing you to liability or compromising security and safety.

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When Lightning Strikes Your Office

Dark OfficeEach day, millions of workers in office buildings around the world use a wide range of electronic equipment to perform their jobs, including laptops, desktop computers, phones, printers, alarm systems, scanners, projectors, and more.

Technology has created many benefits for today’s businesses, including faster communication between devices, integrated usage and optimized operations. It allows us to accomplish everyday office functions efficiently and effectively, while keeping staff connected to suppliers, customers and their sales team. However, with these benefits come new dangers to your operations.

While electrical outlets provide power, they are also susceptible to lighting strikes – and there are more than 20 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the U.S. each year. More common, however, are power surges and spikes that go mostly unnoticed every day. These temporary and instantaneous events exceed “normal” electrical line voltage, and can cause serious damage to anything plugged into those outlets, including sensitive office equipment. 

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