Do You Know How Much of Your Power Budget You're Using?

Know Your PoE BudgetIntegrators and end users love Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices for their cost and time saving benefits as well as their ease of use. By delivering power and data over the same Ethernet cable, PoE devices can easily be connected, disconnected, and moved without the need for extensive cabling or electrical work. From IP cameras to access control systems and beyond, PoE is now the go-to solution for locations where power outlets or network connections are hard to come by.

The low-voltage install of PoE devices is further simplified by PoE switches, which provide power to peripheral devices via a number of ports. But these switches are limited in the power output available to each PoE port and the switch as a whole. For this reason, knowing how much of your PoE power budget you are using is essential before starting any new project.

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Surge Protection and Cybercrime - The Unexpected Connection

What does surge protection have to do with cybersecurity?Cybersecurity
Without a doubt, cybersecurity is one of the most serious threats to businesses and other organizations today. We have all seen news stories about hackers breaking into otherwise secure networks, taking over organizations’ servers and threatening to destroy their data unless a ransom is paid, or the mass theft of personal information from banks, social outlets and even the government.
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