3 Ways Your Customers Save with Surge Protection

Three Ways Your Customers SaveEvery customer loves to save money. Even better when their vendor or installer saves money for them. While on the surface it may seem counterintuitive to want to save your customers money, surge protection uniquely offers installers the chance to save customers money while boosting their own sales. 
This is because surge protection requires a small initial investment that, in return, avoids unexpected costs down the road. This can be seen when a surge protector averts a network-wide disruption; or prevents a loss of data that could lead to a damaging liability judgement. Customers may have to spend money to save money, but the true ROI of surge protection becomes quickly apparent.
Educating your customers on the various ways surge protection can save them money gives you, the installer, an opportunity to create a positive customer experience and build your bill of materials.
Here are 3 ways your customers save when they invest in surge protection for their home or business:
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Understanding the Importance of Surge Protection to Boost Sales

Increase Sales with DITEK Surge ProtectionIn distributor and retail settings, sales are made one of two ways: passively or actively. In a passive sale, a customer comes in knowing exactly what item they want and purchases the product with no questions asked. Active selling requires counter sales, inside and outside salespeople, and even branch managers to actively assist their customers in finding the solution they need. The goal in active selling is to explain the benefits and importance of a product while appearing knowledgeable, so the customer is confident that they are making a good purchase decision. But before active selling can happen, the people doing the selling must first understand why a product is important or necessary so they can properly convey these benefits to their customer.

Case in point, surge protection has long been treated as an add-on or a “nice to have” for electrical systems and is therefore often overlooked. If the importance of surge protection was properly understood by low voltage, HVAC, and electrical supply professionals, active selling could take place. Surge protective devices (SPDs) should be seen as a must have for electronic system installs, leading to more sales and happier customers.


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What Causes Lightning: Distinguishing Facts from Myths

Lighting StikesThe properties and effects that characterize a lightning strike are truly remarkable. Lightning begins as a high-intensity electric impulse that initially grows in a gaseous environment while forming in the atmosphere and then evolves into a solid, more or less conductive medium when it strikes the ground. However, the fireworks that take place during this celestial trip from heaven to earth can be simultaneously wonderous and devastating. The visual effects of the lightning flash followed by the shockwave of thunder and the sheer thermal dynamics of the heat generated by the event also create residual electrodynamic and electrochemical side-effects that can disrupt power, create electrical surges in office and industrial devices and interrupt network communications.

A lightning strike is perhaps one of the most feared and yet wonderous natural occurrences. When you figure that a person’s odds of being struck by a lightning bolt are a minuscule one in 12,000, yet astraphobia is the third most common phobia in America, behind acrophobia (fear of heights) and zoophobia (fear of animals), it proves most people respect its savage potential. However, climate scientists are wary that with the earths rapid weather changes, the chances of being a lightning-strike victim could increase to one in 8,000 by the year 2100.

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Working Through BDA/DAS Regulation Confusion

DAS/BDA ComplianceSeveral of the new NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes and standards regarding emergency communications have caused some confusion in the building management marketplace. Building owners and managers may wonder whether the new guidelines apply to some or all of their facilities, and if they do, what actions need to be taken? This blog is intended to provide a brief overview of the new NFPA guidance and suggestions for your next steps.

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New Mandates Help First Responders - and Everyone Else

Two-Way RadioIt is coming up on two decades since the horrific events of 9/11, and the impact of those events is still affecting how we prepare for, and respond to, emergencies. One devastating aspect of those events was the fact that more than 300 firefighters, and many others, lost their lives – at least in part – due to a failure of first responders’ radio communications. While the reasons for this failure are complex, regulators across the country – led by the NFPA – took a lesson from it and initiated legislation, legal mandates, and updates to building and fire codes that are all designed to prevent these devastating events from happening again.

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