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Put Yourself in Your Customers' Shoes

Different ShoesCustomers hire you not only to get a job done, but also for your technology expertise and experience. The relationship is no different from that of a doctor and patient, or a pilot and their passengers. They place their confidence in you to do the job the way it should be done, to deliver quality and value, and to make the right suggestions to ensure they get the best possible results from their investment.

Anytime you are installing essential systems, stop and think about the installation from your customer’s point of view. Their trust in you goes beyond the choice of products and quality of installation to include both service after the sale and the continuing optimal functioning of the systems you’ve installed. This is where your knowledge and expertise can really shine – by showing your customers that you care enough about them to make sure their costly new systems are properly protected against power surges.

Unless they are located in a region where there are frequent lightning storms, your customers may not be aware of the dangers posed by power surges and spikes. These can originate from many different sources in addition to lightning strikes; for example, when a large motor or pump switches on there is a disruptive effect on electrical circuits inside the facility. Faulty wiring or a sudden change in electrical current can cause a surge – and power spikes can enter data or telecom lines as well. They can even jump from one cable to another, affecting multiple systems in one area.

Because there may not be a high awareness of these dangers and their costly consequences, educating your customers on the value of surge protection is always a good practice. This is where your consultative expertise comes into play – to give them the information they need to recognize why you are making this recommendation. Understanding the realities of risks from power surges, and your commitment to their protection, will only deepen their trust in you and your company.

The safety of your customers’ devices and systems is in your hands, and they trust you to provide them with what they need. Maintain that confidence over time by making sure they don’t suffer a damaging power event that disables or even destroys critical systems – especially if you installed those systems. Surge protection is a small investment that will yield big returns.

Be a highly valued partner by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes – and you will  have loyal customers for life.

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