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Why You Should get PoE and Surge Protection from a Single Source

Single Source SupplierPower over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology powering critical technology that keeps people and buildings safe. Over the last few years, PoE has become the go-to-choice for a host of networked devices, including IP security cameras, IP phones, and wireless access points. What makes it so popular is its ability to provide both data and DC power to devices through a single Ethernet cable.
The "plug-and-play" nature of PoE makes installation of remote equipment easy because it does not require any additional power cabling. This enables installers to place equipment in remote locations, away from any service panel or other power source.

Power surges can harm PoE systems

However, PoE devices are just as vulnerable to the effects of power surges as any other type of electrical equipment. With PoE so commonplace, plenty of vendors can provide equipment necessary to install PoE-based networks. However, how many of them are experts in surge protection? Here's why that's important.

While it's common knowledge that lighting strikes can cause a momentary—but dangerous— surge in voltage, weather is only responsible for a small percentage of actual surge events. Most are the result of technology, including fluctuations in local electrical grids or powerful motors found in HVAC equipment or heavy machinery cycling on or off inside a building.

Typically, a surge happens in a blink of an eye and goes completely unnoticed. Nonetheless, power surges can instantly damage or degrade sensitive electronics within PoE devices. Without proper surge protection, PoE equipment can fail or degrade, potentially leading to lost data, lower productivity, and downtime.

Surge protection, networking solutions combined

While DITEK is an industry leader in developing surge protection devices (SPDs) for commercial, industrial and residential applications, we also provide a comprehensive line of PoE networking equipment, including injectors, extenders, and switches. In fact, DITEK is the only manufacturer that can say this. Why not trust your network to a company that not only specializes in networking hardware, but also in the technology that protects them from damaging power surges and spikes?

It's not as simple as installing the same type of SPD for every device within a given network. We design each SPD to provide precise levels of protection. Don't leave it to guesswork. We have three decades of expertise and can match the best surge protector for each PoE network device. This also avoids issues that can arise from mixing technology from other brands or working with vendors that simply don't have a history with surge protection.

The benefits of a single source provider

What are the advantages of using a single company for both networking and SPD solutions? DITEK can better integrate technology because we understand the design process of our products. We offer integrators and IT professionals the convenience of sourcing their products from the same trusted partner.

Enjoy greater efficiency

An additional advantage of working with DITEK is that we can offer consistency in terms of pricing and service. We practice lean manufacturing methodologies to keep our pricing competitive. We also enjoy working as a technology partner who understands your facility's needs and can provide expert consulting as your network system grows. There's no need to go through the expense of getting multiple vendors up to speed on your facility's layout and needs.

Trust the Industry Experts

Every business or organization relies on advanced electrical systems to operate. Keeping this technology up and running is essential. Without them, you risk losing data, equipment, production time, and customer confidence.

Ultimately, using DITEK as your sole supplier for networking hardware and surge protection means you have the peace of mind in relying on a trusted brand. You also save time by making one phone call. With DITEK's team, you'll have the confidence of installing the correct SPDs for your application so PoE devices won't suffer the adverse effects of damaging power surges.

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